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Do you write short stories and novelettes? If you’re writing fiction of less than 15,000 words, and hope to get published in anthologies and magazines, you need to always have ‘Getting Your Short Stories Published – A Guidebook’ by Steve Carr at your side.

Brought to you by a master of the craft who has had nearly 300 short stories published – online, in print, in magazines, anthologies, and his own collections, this guidebook is a must-have companion for every author.

Why You Need the Book

If you’ve already published dozens of your own stories, you should read this book. It will help streamline your process, and help you get published even more frequently.

If you’re brand new, and still struggling with your first ever story, wondering if any editor will ever choose to publish it, you need to read this book even more. It will help you finish that first story, get it published, and then get another couple hundred published.

Steve Carr has – in that quiet, reserved, straightforward, and distinguished manner of his – laid out the whole process, from before you even know what you’re going to write to having it published, and he has made it look easy.

He explains, in remarkably simple and easy-to-follow terms, how to:

  • generate ideas for stories
  • organize your work process for optimum productivity
  • find and choose the most suitable publications for your work
  • increase your chances of having your work accepted [by using the right formatting, and choosing the ideal genres and word counts]
  • submit your story once it’s done [with tips and advice on writing cover letters and author bios], and
  • deal with contracts, story rights, and rejections

Additionally, he provides several helpful resources, and wonderful insights from publishers, editors, and authors, including Grant Hudson, David K. Montoya, Kari Holloway, Donise Sheppard, Jensen Reed, Brandy Metheney Bonifas, Patt O’Neil, Shawn M Klimek Author, Rich Rurshell, Julie Eger, Lucy Britt, David Bowmore, Mark Kuglin, Mehreen Ahmed, Aditya Deshmukh, Carmen Baca, and Brent A. Harris.

How the Book Helped Me

I had one flash fiction published online before I got this book. It used to be I was always waiting for inspiration to strike before I could write a story. Now, I have so many ideas all the time, I don’t know what to do with half of them.

Two months since I first read the book, I have been published in or had stories accepted for 7 different anthologies by 5 different publishers. I have an Excel sheet full of submission opportunities [many of which pay], and I know exactly what to submit to them.

So, buy the book, have it by your side whenever you’re writing/submitting, and follow every piece of advice in it to the letter. You can’t and won’t go wrong.

Buy it Here:…/…/B07NF2DB9C

About the Author

Steve Carr is a native of Cincinnati but has traveled extensively in the United States and abroad. He began his writing career as a military journalist, and spent three years in the Army and four years in the Navy. Today, he has had nearly 300 short stories published internationally in print and online magazines, literary journals and anthologies since June, 2016. Collections of his short stories, Sand, and, Rain, have been published by Clarendon House Publications. His collection of short stories, Heat, was published by Czykmate Productions. The Tales of Talker Knock, twenty fantasy-adventure stories, was published by Clarendon House Publications. His plays have been staged in several states. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice. He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.



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