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Poetica – The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology 2019 releases today – 25th August, 2019!

It is the third anthology released by Clarendon House Publications this year, following Blaze [Flash Fiction], released 20th June and Tempest [Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Stories], released 10th August.


Poetica – The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology 2019

 the book

I hadn’t written a poem since I left school, and didn’t think I would ever again write one. Even those written in school were crafted with great reluctance, and under threat of suspension or being held back a grade. For all my love of writing and of literature, I have never quite taken to poetry. Something clicked, however, when I saw the submissions call for Poetica, and the anthology features ‘A Strange Little Fellow’ – the first and only poem [to date] I have written for nearly two decades.

The Blurb“It’s unfortunate that most of us are introduced to poetry at school, where it is seen (unfortunately even by some teachers) as a chore, a tedious labour. But poetry, like wine, is all about a concentrated distillation of flavour, a condensed experience of something, a skilled presentation of beauty that goes beyond the ordinary and can approach the divine. Defined by the dictionary as ‘a literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm’, the word in its early use sometimes referred to creative literature as a whole. Like wine tasters, we must learn to develop our palates so that we can appreciate the intensity and beauty of words and what they can evoke for us — and in this collection, you will find plenty of opportunity to do so, as we are invited into miniature worlds of grace, grittiness and grandeur, there to share wisdom and wit, elegance and exquisiteness, power and passion.” – Grant P. Hudson

Published by: Clarendon House Publications

Edited by: Grant P. Hudson

Release Date: 25th August, 2019

Available On:

featured poets

Poetica features too many poets and poems to list them all here but I would like to mention a few with whom it is my privilege to share this anthology:

  • Shawn M. Klimek
  • Bruce Rowe
  • Julie Eger
  • Steve Carr
  • Rich Rurshell
  • Dawn DeBraal
  • Kelli J Gavin
  • Sam M. Phillips
  • Gabriella Balcom
  • Ximena Escobar
the publisher

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