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Dark Drabbles Book Three – Monsters, a Horror Micro-Fiction Anthology by Black Hare Press releases today – 20th August, 2019!

It follows the bestselling Dark Drabbles Book One – Worlds [released 25th June], and Book Two  – Angels [released 23rd July].

Monsters - Cover Image

Monsters – Dark Drabbles: Book Three – A Horror Micro-Fiction Anthology by Black Hare Press

the book

Monsters features hundreds of drabbles by authors from around the world.

Wendigos, vampires, things that go bump in the night or hide under the bed, witches, demons, upirs, kelpies, toad people, zombies, sirens and hundreds of other tiny terrifying tales.

Published by: Black Hare Press

Edited by: Dean Kershaw

Release Date: 20th August, 2019

Price: $2.99 | $15.99 | $29.99

Formats: Kindle | Paperback | Hardback

Available On:

My Stories

Monsters features five [5] of my own drabbles, including:

  1. Kismet
  2. Legend
  3. Malice
  4. Nectar
  5. Oculus

There are too many authors and stories to list here but I would like to mention some friends with whom it is my privilege to share this anthology:

  • Shawn M. Klimek
  • Zoey Xolton
  • David Bowmore
  • Dawn DeBraal
  • Eddie D. Moore
  • Gabriella Balcom
  • Terry Miller
  • Rich Rurshell
  • Ximena Escobar
The Publisher

Black Hare Press is a small, independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia.

We aim to make opportunities for authors all around the globe to participate in short form story anthologies in various Speculative Fiction genres.

Our micro- and flash-fiction anthologies provide compensation in the form of a copy of the published eBook, but our short story anthologies (only open to accepted authors in any of our micro- or flash-fiction anthologies) will be compensated via equal royalty splits.

Like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all open calls for submissions.


Keep an eye out for ‘Beyond – Dark Drabbles Book Four’. It releases 17th September, 2019.

In case you missed them, you can get ‘Worlds – Dark Drabbles Book One’ here, and ‘Angels – Dark Drabbles Book Two‘ here.


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